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    chelaBOP a.k.a. Frank Singer

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    Keyboards, Guitar, Guitar-Synth, Background Vocals, Hip Hop Lyrics, Sax

    Played on:
    Armed and Dangerous | Unity and Diversity | The World Today

  • Songs Written:
    Unity and Diversity (John Lennon Songwriting Contest - Finalist: World Category)
    4-20 Liberation Day
  • Songs Co-Written:
    Go Forward (with Preach Freedom)
    Money Don't Make It Right (with Mr. Chin, Preach Freedom, Kennedy)
    Who Gets The Money? (with Preach Freedom)
    Rio (with Kennedy, Enrique, Toe Jam)
    Lockdown (with Chilly J, Kennedy, Preach Freedom)
    Yagnimone Mama M' Bamba (with Preach Freedom, M'Baye, Kennedy, Baba Raymond)
  • Songs Not Yet Recorded:
    Rap Music
    Release Your Chains

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Frank was invited to join One World Tribe as the keyboard player during the group's formation. He began playing piano at age 9, added guitar two years later, and began performing professionally at age 16, giving him over 30 years of experience. He graduated Magna cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in 1980, and studied guitar and piano with the legendary Charlie Banacos, teacher of Mike Stern and Jerry Bergonzi.

Singer performed in Boston for many years, playing mainstream and original jazz, blues, rock, country, R&B, Latin, reggae, folk and anything else that came his way. After moving to Northwestern Pennsylvania, he came to the attention of Kennedy Thompson, who approached him about a band he was planning. Two years later he called to begin scheduling rehearsals.

After playing keyboards and singing background vocals in the group for several years, Frank began adding guitar and saxophone to the mix. A long-time fan and devotee of Hiphop artist KRS-ONE, he introduced his rapping skills with KRS-ONE's "Beef", and began freestyling his own lyrics as chelaBOP shortly thereafter.

Singer married Mary Connerty in 1989 and they have a son named Ari. Frank teaches private lessons in guitar, bass, piano, voice, trap set (drums) and saxophone, and uses his computer skills to do everything from duplicating discs (including the OWT CDs) to building and maintaining websites.


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Albums Available:

Armed and Dangerous, One World Tribe's third CD Armed and Dangerous
Apple iTunes
Amazon Music

The World Today, One World Tribe's second CD The World Today
Apple iTunes
Amazon Music

Unity and Diversity, The Classic Debut CD Unity and Diversity
Apple iTunes
Amazon Music


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