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  • "One World Tribe not only brings da funk and da noise but da reggae, R&B, dancehall, rap, African chant, Latin, rock, and enough horns and cookin' percussion to get an entire island chain moving.

    Members boast credentials in a variety of musical genres, including classical, jazz, reggae, rock, Latin, funk and R&B. With One World Tribe, they find a way to bring all those under one roof in a joyous, celebratory way.

    Musicianship here is first-rate, ditto the production and mixing. And, despite all the different styles on display, the songs are tightly focused.

    Guest star Terrance Simien provides stellar accordion work on the sassy "We Are One," which features scorching congas, some African chanting, and intense rhythmic undertow. OWT's rhythm section, by the way, is stellar.

    ...the reggae-tinged title track closes the disc on a bubbly, upbeat note. You gotta like a song which encourages you to sing, "no more lawyers." And when it kicks into percussive overdrive, it really lifts off, showing One World Tribe's musicality and inventiveness."

    - Doctor Rock - Showcase CD Review - Erie Times-News
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  • "A mixture of reggae, jazz, funk, rap, Latin, R&B and world beat, Unity And Diversity is a polyrhythmic ride through each genre that can be a visually rewarding experience (if you let it) as it is an aural one. Percussion drives, but never smothers the bouncing, sometimes odd-metered melodies, complete with multi-layered vocal harmonies that are so precise it's spine chilling.

    Most notable guest performance is from Louisiana Zydeco aficionado Terrence Simien. His vocal/accordion performance on the War-like "We Are One" makes this track one of the strongest on the disk. Other stand out guest appearances include M'Baye Rama Diagne (a master drummer from Senegal), as well as more than a few popular regional talents.

    Make no mistake about it, the Tribe are the real deal. Consisting of ... elaborate instrumentation, it would be easy for OWT's songs to be cluttered down with too much of everything. Herein lies the most impressive aspect of Unity And Diversity. When 'less is more' can be a good rule of musical thumb, with the Tribe, more is more. Percussion patterns abound beneath, above, and around each tune, only to compliment each other, some so subtle that they only become apparent after hearing the disk a couple of times.

    Whether it's rap ("Keep On Struttin'"), reggae ("Mr. Gahnjah Mon") or R&B ("Money Don't Make It Right"), Preach and the Tribe have change-up ability that Phil Niekro would be jealous of."

    - Randy Baumann - WDVE Pittsburgh - CD Review
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  • "One World Tribe's album is aptly named, the guys coming together to produce an eclectic album that takes in many types of black music. The surprising thing is how well they do it and how well it all knits together into a cohesive album.

    We get Marley style reggae on 'Go Forward' and 'No Justice, No Peace', African rhythms are fused with modern elements on 'We Are One' and 'Maria Caracoles', they then sound like an upbeat Tribe Called Quest ('Keep On Struttin') and provide sweet soul music ('Wish You Love').

    The best thing is saved til near the end with a Kings X Remix of 'No Justice, No Peace', which turns it into a rap protest song.

    'Unity And Diversity', something for everyone but not everything for someone."

    - Russell Barker - Russell's Reviews (UK)

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Unity and Diversity is One World Tribe's debut CD, released in 1997. Featuring twelve original cuts, an original hiphop lyric over a Meters instrumental, and a cover of Pello el African's Maria Caracoles, this CD pumps fourteen high-fidelity hiphop, reggae, funk, latin and world music tunes through your music system and into your higher consciousness.

No matter the topic, One World Tribe brings a positive perspective with songs about peace, justice, harmony, recognizing diversity, and having fun! The pitfalls of greed, the cruelty of unnecessary poverty, the senselessness of war, all provide a backdrop to the call for education, self-knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of differences.

Unity and Diversity puts forth a call to celebrate these differences instead of setting them aside in order to get along. Even within the band, the full spectrum of politics, religion, belief, and history is covered, and the members have survived the true test of togetherness - roadwork - for over a decade. One World Tribe shows the way to peace through its own existence, with Preach Freedom's benediction for live shows setting the tone: "We are One World Tribe, and you are One World Tribe, and that is the Human Family. Can you dig it?"

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Personel on

  • Album Bandmembers:
  • Kennedy Thompson - Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
  • Preach Freedom - Lead Vocals
  • Kenny Hollis - Guitar
  • Frank Singer - Keyboards, Sax
  • Mike Chin - Bass
  • Brad Amidon - Drums, Percussion
  • Mark Marchant - Percussion
  • Matty Walker - Percussion
  • Barnetta De Boe - Vocals
  • Enrique Lozada - Vocals

  • Album Guests:
  • Terrance Simien - Vocals, Accordian and Rubboard: We Are One
  • Erik Walker - Vocals: We Are One
  • M'Baye Rama Diagne - Djembe and Vocals: We Are One, Mosi oa Tunya
  • Randy Baumann - Keyboards: Keep On Struttin', Voice of Clinton: Mr. Gahnjah Mon
  • Diego Andujar - Guira: Maria Caracoles
  • Mike Ohm - Guitar: Mosi oa Tunya
  • Lauren Hughes - Vocals: Rio
  • D.J. Chilly J. -Background Vocals: King's X Remix
  • The Unity Horns:
  • Bruce Johnstone - Saxes, Flute
  • Brian Hannah - Trumpet
  • Phil Papotnik - Saxes
  • Dave Stevens - Trombone
  • [Horn Arrangements: Brian Hannah & Kennedy Thompson]

Production: Rusty Jackson
Engineer: John Mazza
Recorded at TRS Audio
Additional Recording: Tom Hitt, Everette Eighmy, Keith Veshecco
Cover Art and Design: Matty Walker & Matt Ehrsam

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Albums Available:

Armed and Dangerous, One World Tribe's third CD Armed and Dangerous
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The World Today, One World Tribe's second CD The World Today
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Unity and Diversity, The Classic Debut CD Unity and Diversity
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Broadband samples are larger and will sound better.

Go Forward (Preach Freedom, Frank Singer)
[ broadband 490 KB | stream ]

We Are One (Matty Walker, Kennedy Thompson)
[ broadband 438 KB | stream ]

Keep On Struttin' [Chicken Song] (Preacha, Nocentelli, Porter, Neville, Modeliste)
[ broadband 367 KB | stream ]

Maria Caracoles (Pello El Afrikan)
[ broadband 432 KB | stream ]

No Justice, No Peace (Preach Freedom)
[ broadband 442 KB | stream ]

Money Don't Make It Right (Kennedy Thompson, Preach Freedom, Frank Singer, Mike Chin)
[ broadband 402 KB | stream ]

Mosi Oa Tunya (Brad Amidon)
[ broadband 628 KB | stream ]

Wanty Wanty (Mike Chin)
[ broadband 407 KB | stream ]

Wish You Love (Preach Freedom)
[ broadband 395 KB | stream ]

Who Gets The Money? (Frank Singer, Preach Freedom)
[ broadband 394 KB | stream ]

Rio (Frank Singer, Kennedy Thompson, Matty Walker, Enrique Lozada)
[ broadband 477 KB | stream ]

Mr. Gahnjah Mon (Mike chin, Preach Freedom)
[ broadband 474 KB | stream ]

No Justice No Peace [King's X Remix] (Preach Freedom)
[ broadband 477 KB | stream ]

Unity And Diversity (Frank Singer)
[ broadband 475 KB | stream ]

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