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Lyrics: Matty Walker (Spoken: Kennedy Thompson)
Music: Kennedy Thompson
Audio Sample: [ broadband 483 KB | stream ]

How many miles must we march for freedom
How many wars will we have to bear
before our homeless have a world that feeds them
before our children have a world that cares
We are one, we are one

Before the lonely don't live life in silence
without a gentle place to rest their hearts
How many men will we let stroll by us
asking for money in the name of God
We are one, we are one

aduna bi niogui xumbal
diotay ye niogui xumbal
irie niogui xumbal
irie niogui xumbal

How many billions will our country borrow
What kind of weapons will we choose to make
What kind of schools will we build tomorrow
What kind of drugs will our children take
We are one, we are one

How many songs must we sing for justice
How many nights before we see the sun
Before we know that all we are is just us
Before we know that all we are is one
We are one, we are one


A planet rich with an abundance of food
yet tens of thousands die every day of starvation,
a planet occupied by four billion souls
yet people live their lives lonely and afraid.
We have trapped ourselves in an avalanche of fear.
Destroying the promise for our children.
Abandoning the dreams of our ancestors.
Propaganda...code words become the ultimate weapons.
Welfare reform, affirmative action divide the people into various factions.
Beyond the steel walls of corporate greed,
beyond the gunfire of the ghetto,
beyond the gates of tomorrow...
if we listen, we hear a subtle whisper...
a soft cry from the sound...
of hope.

One heart, one blood, one drop, one love,
One goal, one way, oneness someday
One earth, one sea, one you, one me,
One man, one voice, one vote, one choice
One sound, one vibe, one world, one tribe
One cause, one plight, one war, one fight,
One God, one light, one chance, one life
One moon, one sun, one world - just one

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