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One World Tribe Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk, Latin Music, World Music
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Armed and Dangerous from One World Tribe "On its new CD, 'Armed and Dangerous,'
One World Tribe
sounds fresh, contemporary, vital."

"One World Tribe celebrates the ties that bind humanity,
and rails against the forces that hold it down."
Dave Richards - Erie Times-News

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Unity and Diversity from One World Tribe "One World Tribe's 'Unity and Diversity' has more soul, brims with more vitality, than half the discs that pass for music on corporate labels."
Dr. Rock - Erie Times-News

"Their stage presence is...awesome..."
"Make no mistake about it, the Tribe are the real deal."
Randy Baumann - Unity and Diversity Review

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The World Today from One World Tribe "This is the CD to spin when you want everyone at your party to get off their butts and start sweating."
"...a collection of seven stunning original tunes."
"While influences from Marley to Earth, Wind & Fire, can be heard on The World Today, the songs are all fresh and the CD should be a welcome addition to anyone's collection."
Buffalo ArtVoice - Dec. 2000

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CDs Available:

Armed and Dangerous, One World Tribe's third CD Armed and Dangerous
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The World Today, One World Tribe's second CD The World Today
Hear The World Today on YouTube

Unity and Diversity, The Classic Debut CD Unity and Diversity
Buy it

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