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Lyrics and Music: Preach Freedom, Kennedy Thompson, Mike Chin, Frank Singer
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Money don't make it right, money don't make it right
Money don't make it right, money don't make it right

Privilege - the life of ease, the world of big money
Aristocracy, aristocracy
some of us misuse the power of money
aristocracy, aristocracy
banker's world revolves around the money game
the stakes are high, there are profits to be made
the world of high finance is very cruel
where money is the bottom line, the golden rule


A child is born to a life of poverty
Life of poverty, a life of poverty
living the ghetto life (the only life he knows)
life of poverty, a life of poverty
the street is mean, a hustler's world it can be hard
the hand is dealt, you place your bets, you play your cards
the world of guns and knives is very cruel
where money is the bottom line, the golden rule


Mama used to tell me money don't grow on trees
you better learn to appreciate you get nothing for free
money hungry people want to rule the world
happiness money just won't buy

cuz if it's all about money
then I don't wanna be a banker
I'd rather be poor, be a street thinker
not a drinker cuz drinking makes me sick
and if I was rich I'd know drinkin'd be the trick
that is if you don't have a game plan
to handle your money in this corrupted-assed land
cuz in the blink of an eye you'd be like broke
the stock market crashed and that ain't no joke
then your busted to the life of a vagabond
you know the life that the rich look down upon
treating them like they're a subspecies
with some rare tropical disease
so take the time to check yourself
cuz mishandling your money you can wreck yourself
to the greedy passed by the needy at night,
remember money don't make it right


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Money Don't Make It Right can be heard on Skip Reeve's radio show "A Funk Above The Rest on KUVO Online. The radio show broadcasts to over 120,000 listeners in the Colorado / Wyoming territory, and can be heard on the internet on Saturdays between 11pm and 1am Mountan Standard Time.

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