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Unity and Diversity from One World Tribe
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Lyrics: Preach Freedom
Music: Frank Singer
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One World Tribe

Go Forward
We've got to fight sometimes
Go Forward...move!
Still trying to hold us back
Go Forward
We might stumble sometimes
Go Forward...move!
So we've got to educate the mind now

I want to sing about love and peace
but the place that I am from the war will never cease
Mr. Policeman want to gun me down
and they build the many jails to keep the people down
You take the job so them push the crack
and the one that be smoking got the hard way back
We've got a plan to break the chain
you've got to elevate the brain


I never wanted to possess a gun
because I never had a reason to kill no one
But in Western society
it's only logical to keep some protection with me
Give me a reason to make me Glock go...POP!
give me a reason and me Glock won't stop
Looking at me they see the eyes are focused and red
I'm a soldier I say and I won't go away
Shooting at me they don't give a damn about that
so I'm covering up my glock and me shoot them right back!


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