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Songwriter | Safe Driver
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    KENNEDY a.k.a. Kennedy Thompson

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    Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion

    Played on:
    Armed and Dangerous | Unity and Diversity | The World Today

  • Songs Co-Written:
    Queen (with K. Lucas, C. Lewis, B. Cissiko)
    Lockdown (with chelaBOP, DJ Chilly J, Preach Freedom)
    Yagnimone Mama M' Bamba (with Preach Freedom, M'Byae, chelaBOP, Baba Raymond)
    Get On The Floor (with C. Lewis, Enrique)
    Pure MC (with DJ Chilly J)
    Imagine (with Rusty Jackson)
    We Are One (with ToeJam)
    Money Don't Make It Right (with chelaBOP, Preach Freedom, Mr. Chin)
    Rio (with chelaBOP, ToeJam, Enrique)
    No Looking Back (with Sean)
    The World Today (with Jimmy Jackson, Funky Stroke, Preach Freedom)
  • Songs Not Yet Recorded:
    Ain't Going Out Like That
    Big Trouble
    Help Your Brother
    Funky Reggae Party
    Babylon Falling

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Detroit-born Kennedy Thompson held his vision fast of a band that could "perform a lot of the styles that I enjoyed listening to". Since his interests covered everything from funk to reggae to jazz to latin to world music to fusion, he sought musicians who could move between these styles. He also selected a group that "would be rooted in social activism."

After spending literally years hand selecting his players, he introduced One World Tribe to the world in 1994 in the Eastern Great Lakes Region of the United States. Through his efforts and his vision the group continues to expand its influence and extend its family of friends and fans.

Kennedy holds a degree in percussion from the D'Angelo School of Music, and has studied, performed, composed and arranged music for decades. He is the founder and CEO of Billionaire Records, a label currently developing Hiphop artists in the Cleveland-Pittsburgh-Buffalo area. He is the music director of One World Tribe, and arranges much of the material.

Thanks for the help:
Curtis Williams - sold CD's for the Group
Nancy Blakey
Kmal Fields
Baba Simba
Brian Christy - booking assistance
Mom and Dad - too many things to list

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Albums Available:

Armed and Dangerous, One World Tribe's third CD Armed and Dangerous
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The World Today, One World Tribe's second CD The World Today
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Unity and Diversity, The Classic Debut CD Unity and Diversity
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