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Lyrics: Preach Freedom
Music: Nocentelli, Porter, Neville, Modeliste
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Here I come,
lyrics melting mics like the hot burning sun
hurry! hurry! hurry! cuz a brotha's on the run
letting off the vibe of the positivity
represent the power given to me by the Almighty
reggae-chaka reggae-chaka music makes me go
but I hip-hop rip flip a nasty flow
preacha keep it real cuz I represent the East
knowledge is the key when I battle with the beast
on the physical plane stand tall like a giant
fight like a shaolin disemboweling my opponent
grew up in a city that's controlled by the mob
rich muthas ain't got no job
Erie "homicide" Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
coke dealing judges and the cops don't play
what more does a brotha man have to say?
fellas, take it to the bridge

Just keep on struttin'
take it to the jam

They don't like my hair cuz I like to wear it nappy
the government's on me cuz I am a pappy
sucka emcees think that they can out rap me
but to all of that bulljive first they gotta catch me
I'm like flash, made a mad dash for the tower
died, came back and got power
preacha, the funk power guru hold the task
to drop knowledge on the masses, wake up the classes
WHAT?! news flash! clear inside my cranium
the bomb is crack, and the ghetto's where they're aiming 'em
cover, grab your brother and sister and love 'em
This war is mental so the mind gets weak
when you see a casualty to them you must speak
the revolution starts in your own street
what more does a brotha man have to say?
fellas, take it to the bridge

Just keep on struttin'

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