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Unity and Diversity from One World Tribe
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Lyrics: Preach Freedom and Frank Singer, Music: Frank Singer
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Who gets the money?

Got me thinking about how money flows
where it comes from and where it goes
Who gets the money?

Met a man working overtime
layoffs coming who's next in line
call the lawyers cause money's tight
party's over, having family fights
pay the lawyers now he's out of sight
tell me - who gets the money?

Lawyer's thinking about love and hate
brokenhearted, but the money's great
starts to feel it, got to get away
cruising to Montego Bay
come on over to my holiday
Who gets the money? Who gets the money?

Who gets the money?

Everybody's living day to day
working, spending, trying to find a way
story's happening right beneath your nose
money comes and there it goes
are you thinking how your money flows?
Who gets the money?

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