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Unity and Diversity from One World Tribe
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Lyrics: Kennedy Thompson, Matty Walker and Enrique Lozada, Music: Frank Singer
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Catching a jet plane for Rio
Twenty thousand miles high
a concrete savior in Rio
glancing down from the heavens
touching the ground of the runway
smooth as a morning on Sunday
Captain says "Welcome to Rio
it's ninety eight in the shade"

oue como baila este rico son
lo baila la gente ay que basilon

Catching the next train to Rio
lots of sun, ocean, sky
world of romance and high fashion
ancient culture lies before you
speaking a romantic language
where all the natives adore you
flirting with fortune or ruin
on a clear Rio night

oue como baila este rico son
lo baila la gente ay que basilon

Rio is the place you come to escape
wealth and poverty stare you in the face
tropical delight, gangster's paradise
it's a test of fate for the human race

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