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One World Tribe Educational Offerings
Many of the performers with One World Tribe are professional educators and master musicians, and all are very experienced players who have long performance histories. The group has had many opportunities to take this expertise into school systems, colleges and universities, and community service centers. These services continue to be offered in a variety of combinations.

WORKSHOPS vary from 1 - 3 days in length and work best with small groups of 50 or less.

    A 4-hour class exploring West African rhythms and the function of the djembe, dun dun, bells, and congas in these rhythms. Some attention is also given to proper hand technique.

    Workshop (3 day minimum) also explores West African rhythms and the function of djembe, dun dun, bells, and congas. More attention is given to detail, especially in proper hand technique. Each day is broken down into two 2-hour sessions, progressing in difficulty and intensity. Incudes some focus on applying West African technique to Brazillian samba, and on basics of tuning and head replacement.

    One World Tribe also provides a 1-hour lecture on the traditional music of Eastern African and Senegal, and analysis of languages in traditional African songs and chants, including Swahili, Latuka, Arabic, Nandi, Kikuyu, Woloff, Mandinga, Massai, and Luo.

RESIDENCIES include Pennsylvania Arts Council of Erie Matching Grants. Contact Kennedy Thompson for more details.

CLINICS can be arranged upon request. Contact Kennedy Thompson for more details.

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