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The following quotes were extracted from the Press Kit articles and letters of recommendation, and a few other sources. The author's name is listed with the source whenever possible.

NOTE: <RECOMMENDATION> denotes specific references to the band's working relationship with employers, such as schools and non-profit organizations.

  • John Vanco: (Erie Art Museum)
    • "They are an energetic, and multi-talented group which always pleases the audience."
      "In my experience One World Tribe has always been professional and easy to work with. Pre-performance communications are good, and they have provided quality photographs and press materials for promotion."
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  • Lynn Johnson: (Amerimasala Festival)
    • "...the "Tribe" has become Erie's favorite and arguably best band. Some say the best ever band."
      "Over the years, the caliber of One World Tribe performances at the Amerimasala has always been comparable to the most outstanding artists Erie has ever seen, including PPAT registered Spoken Hand."
    • "The strength of the "Tribe" is the truly global mindset of the group. The members' musical expertise reaches the full spectrum."
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  • Susan Sanford-Watson: (Unity Festival)
    • "As people flooded into the Festival, we discovered that many had come particularly to see One World Tribe. Those who had not heard them before quickly became fans. The auditorium was filled with people of every age, race and religion, most of them unable to restrain themselves from dancing or tapping their toes. Just as we had hoped, the words of their songs connected perfectly with the concept of the festival. For several weeks after the event, I continually received messages from attendees praising the festival, and especially, One World Tribe.
      The administrators of the school district were extremely pleased with the educational nature of the band's performance."
    • "When One World Tribe performed at our Festival, they helped people to see diversity as the blessing that it truly is, to be celebrated and shared. I couldn't have found a better representation of community-building in the form of a band than One World Tribe."
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  • Craig Nagus: (On The Waterfront Festival)
    • "...I could not have imagined a better experience! The capacity crowd loved you, and I was grinning like a kid the entire time."
    • "The main things I like about One World Tribe are the range of styles you're good at, and also the ease with which you pull it off, without appearing routine. You all appear to love playing, and it shows. It's refreshing to see a band that plays together as much as you having a good time."
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  • Mark Field: (Mt. Lebanon School District; Pittsburgh)
      "The performances of One World Tribe exceeded our expectations in every case. The performers were professional and easy to work with. They were flexible and adapted to the different space. Most important of all, the quality of the show was wonderful!"
      "Our students were exposed to a mix of Latin, reggae, African and jazz styles in a performance that was fun, energetic, and educational. I would recommend One World Tribe as an outstanding group that would be an asset to a school's cultural arts program and an enriching experience for all students."
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  • Doctor Rock: (Unity and Diversity Review)
    • "This disc has more soul, brims with more vitality, than half the discs that pass for music on corporate labels. Jam-packed with 74 minutes of music, Unity and Diversity shows off One World Tribe's many faces and facets to astonishing effect."
    • "Members boast credentials in a variety of musical genres, including classical, jazz, reggae, rock, Latin, funk and R&B. With One World Tribe, they find a way to bring all those under one roof in a joyous, celebratory way."
    • "What ties it all together - more than the world-music tag - is a common vision. Their assorted songwriters - and pretty much everybody contributes - ascribe to a similar world view. It's a we're-all-in-this-together thing, so let's-get-along utopianism; a belief that one universal truth governs us all. They mistrust power, decry poverty and violence, urge tolerance and respect of people's differences. And yet - beyond the lyrics - they say all this by the simple act of standing together on stage, making music. It's one thing to preach unity and harmony, regardless of race and sex and religion, and another to actually DO it, play it live, loud and proud."
    • "Musicianship here is first-rate, ditto the production and mixing."
    • "Arrangements are a strong point, not a weakness, with One World Tribe."
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  • Randy Baumann: (Unity and Diversity Review)
    • "Their stage presence is so awesome, it doesn't matter that less than a handful of soundmen (and rooms, for that matter) are able to capture what is actually happening on stage. The vibe is there, and the tunes are audible enough to figure out that this band is tighter than any band that comes through town, much less any band from town."
    • "A mixture of reggae, jazz, funk, rap, Latin, R&B and world beat, Unity And Diversity is a polyrhythmic ride through each genre that can be a visually rewarding experience (if you let it) as it is an aural one. Percussion drives, but never smothers the bouncing, sometimes odd-metered melodies, complete with multi-layered vocal harmonies that are so precise it's spine chilling."
    • "Make no mistake about it, the Tribe are the real deal."
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  • Dave Richards: (Erie Times-News)
    • "From reggae to soul, hip-hop to funk, jazz to salsa to African pop, they cover styles like water covers the globe."
    • "What sets the Tribe apart is its dazzling stylistic virtuosity. From swirling African pop to stone-cold funk to Latin grooves to reggae to soulful ballads to jazz-fusion, the band incorporates just about everything while retaining its rhythmic intensity and proud social consciousness."
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  • Jamie Moses: (Buffalo ArtVoice World Today Review)
    • "...long after the death of third-world superstars like Bob Marley and Toots, world beat music is as vital and inspiring as ever."
    • "...The World Today, a collection of seven stunning original tunes. The sound quality on this CD is probably the best I've heard all year; the clarity of the mix and the separation of instruments is remarkable considering there are over 12 musicians... The musicianship is impeccable and One World Tribe keeps the energy level poppin', just as they do in their live shows. This is the CD to spin when you want everyone at your party to get off their butts and start sweating."
    • "While influences from Marley to Earth, Wind & Fire can be heard on The World Today, the songs are all fresh and the CD should be a welcome addition to anyone's collection."
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  • Garraud McTaggart: (Buffalo News Gusto)
    • "In many ways, One World Tribe... was a perfect choice to open up the show for Buring Spear. They shared a similar, if less well-formed, political dynamic but also showcased a musical backdrop that included reggae stylings alongside snippets of juju, calypso, soul horn bands from the 1970s and Parliment/Funkadelic."
    • "In fact, their putative lead guitarist (there is a veritable host of multi-instrumentalists in the band) seems to draw heavily on the influence of George Clinton's string benders, Gary Shider and Eddie Hazel, especially in songs like "No Justice, No Peace" and "Money Don't Make It Right." "
    • "The band also had quite a stage show, augmenting the basic octet with three of four dedicated percussionists and a quintet/sextet of dancers that moved like a combination of holiness parishioners and an African chorus line."
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  • Blue Heron Music Festival Review Article:
    • "World beat band One World Tribe made magic with their danceable blend of jazz, reggae and Latin, not to mention some flashy guitar work. "We are one," they had the crowd chant. "And mean it," they added. The feet would just not keep still for this group, although campers were packing for the journey home."
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  • Russell Barker: (Russell's Reviews - Unity and Diversity Review)
    • "One World Tribe's album is aptly named, the guys coming together to produce an eclectic album that takes in many types of black music. The surprising thing is how well they do it and how well it all knits together into a cohesive album.

      We get Marley style reggae on 'Go Forward' and 'No Justice, No Peace', African rhythms are fused with modern elements on 'We Are One' and 'Maria Caracoles', they then sound like an upbeat Tribe Called Quest ('Keep On Struttin') and provide sweet soul music ('Wish You Love').

      The best thing is saved til near the end with a Kings X Remix of 'No Justice, No Peace', which turns it into a rap protest song.

      'Unity And Diversity', something for everyone but not everything for someone."

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Albums Available:

Armed and Dangerous, One World Tribe's third CD Armed and Dangerous
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Amazon Music

The World Today, One World Tribe's second CD The World Today
Apple iTunes
Amazon Music

Unity and Diversity, The Classic Debut CD Unity and Diversity
Apple iTunes
Amazon Music



...multi-talented... mindset...

...the words of their songs connected perfectly... in the form of a band...

...I could not have imagined a better experience!

The capacity crowd loved you...

...the quality of the show was wonderful!, energetic, and educational. outstanding group...

...a common vision.

It's one thing to preach unity and harmony, regardless of race and sex and religion, and another to actually DO it, play it live, loud and proud.

Musicianship here is first-rate...

Arrangements are a strong point...with One World Tribe.

Their stage presence is...awesome...

Make no mistake about it, the Tribe are the real deal.

From reggae to soul, hip-hop to funk, jazz to salsa to African pop, they cover styles like water covers the globe.

...dazzling stylistic virtuosity.

...the band incorporates just about everything while retaining its rhythmic intensity and proud social consciousness.

The musicianship is impeccable...

...One World Tribe keeps the energy level poppin'...

...quite a stage show...

...One World Tribe made magic...

The feet would just not keep still for this group...

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